Choosing Peace, everyday!

About Us

Ebeny's Story

In 2018, as a Licensed Massage Therapist I faced a serious neck injury, which could have potentially ended my career. However, instead of allowing it to put me into an uneasy mental space, I turned to my own personal therapy through warm baths, scented candles, and soft music to keep my mind at ease and made it a daily routine.

While I still faced the unknown, I decided to used my lifestyle as a platform to show others how making self care a priority could literally safe one's life. How? Because your mental health is your life.



In a world where time does not stop, we are here to provide the essentials for self care through product & service. Where massages are mandatory and candles are created to demonstrate the importance of creating a space of peace within each individual's home. We are here to ensure that our customers take time daily to escape from the cares of the world, and embrace the Love & Joy of God.